Michael A. Church
Contact Info.
E-mail: michaelchurch@drakered.com

Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting Emphasis)
Grand Valley State University, Art & Design, Allendale, MI.

Work Experience:
ALcohol Education, Research and Training (ALERT) Labs, 2004 to 2005;
Created promotional posters and newspaper ads for use by Grand Valley State University.
Work created from data or concept from organization's founder and assistant director.
Alert Labs
Work Por

Norseman Games, July of 2006
Independent Designer for user interface "Trade Window" with in the game.

Certified Framer for Michaels: Arts and Crafts, 2007 to present;
Assembling frames, cutting mats and mounting art work.

Freelance Work:
Cover Illustration for the novel, The Magic of Eyri, By Daniel J. Hogen, May 2007.

Technical Experience:
Macintosh Drawing/Image Software:
Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe GoLive, and Quark Xpress.
MacroMedia Software: Dreamweaver 8, Flash 7, and FreeHand 12.
Proficient with MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Explorer and FireFox.

2005, Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition
Group Exhibition
Proforming Arts Center Gallery, Grand Valley State University

2005, Crit-O-Rama
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

2006, Dirty Show 7
Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI

2007, Addis Enterprises (AE) Studio & Gallery

Organizational Affiliations:
President of the "Otaku no Anime" (OnA) club for Grand Valley State University, 2003-2005.
Organized and scheduled club meetings; Planed club events and activities with Grand Valley State University.
Sent out club e-mail notices and maintained club website, and approproated club budget.
Otaku no Anime website.

Chief Volunteer Coordinator for the Japanese Animation Film and Art eXpo (JAFAX), 2004-Present
Recuritment and training of volunteers, creating work schedule and supervising volunteers.
In charge of remaining in contact with volunteers.
Jafax Website

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